When’s the Last Time You Heard God’s Voice?

One of the conversations I find myself in the most is with Christians wanting advice on hearing God’s voice. Sometimes the only answer I have to give creates more frustration than confidence. Because of the amount of time I spend in my Bible and some of the classes I have taken, there are a few people who consider me as someone who can usually answer their questions concerning God and Scripture.

Recognizing God’s voice is something I still struggle with more than you would think. The majority of the time, this is how I hear from God. I will find a passage in Scripture to write about, and nine times out of ten the message is directed more towards myself than anyone else who may be reading. Over the years, writing has become my favorite means of meditation.

What Are You Listening For?

Now, this by no means is saying that to hear from God you need to get a notebook and a pen. Or, maybe you do. It’s possible for God to speak to you through a song you hear or even through a book you read other than the Bible. God may choose to surround you with a couple of people he speaks to you through.

untitled-design-79I know people who hear his still, small, voice through looking at a sunset or through the sound of the waves crashing on a beach. More than one of my friends hear his voice the clearest when they have a fishing pole in the water.

I was studying Psalm 29 this morning when a few verses caused me to stop and write for a few minutes. In verses 3 – 9, David describes a few of the attributes of God’s voice. It is over the waters. The sound of his voice is powerful. There is strength in the sound of his voice, enough to break the cedars. His voice is visual, flashing flames of fire. It is mighty enough to shake the wilderness.

After reading this over and over again, I realized God’s voice could be whatever it needs to be to get my attention. As Christians, I think too often we miss the voice of God because of our foolishness. We predetermine what his voice should be, blinding us from its reality.

Are You Limiting God?

By doing this, we try to enclose him in a box, telling him just how limited his communication with us needs to be. Creating these limits led me to consider whether I am doing this too much myself by using a pen or a keyboard as my ears. However, I don’t think that is the case.

untitled-design-78You see, God doesn’t want our attention. He doesn’t need our ears. His desire is to have our hearts. Because of this, I think we can hear God’s voice wherever our greatest passions are. I open my heart the most when I am writing. My wife would tell you that her heart has been the most vulnerable over the years with a pair of ballet slippers on her feet, eyes closed, and God guiding her movements through the music.

In order to hear God’s voice, invite him to be a part of what means the most to you. If that includes a fishing pole and a John boat, then make sure you get Jesus some worms. If his presence is strongest at the beach, then spend a little time with your feet in the sand every day.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing God’s voice is something you need to hear. Allow it to be something you can experience.

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