Meditation for the Day: No Longer Being “The Real Us”

Proverbs 15:3

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.”

As Christians, I think that each of us has that one friend, maybe two or three who see “the real us.” I am not trying to blame anyone for the way we act at times. But we each have those people that we naturally feel a little more comfortable around.

Because of this, we might allow a couple of words to slip that we normally wouldn’t use. We may permit “the real us” to take part in discussions we would be ashamed of normally. During these special occasions with our friends, we may even find ourselves somewhere we normally would not dare be caught.

There are several of us that will try to hide “the real us” from others. Some us are the type that does not care what another group of people may think about the time we spend with our closer acquaintances, but we still prefer not to go about discussing the occasions with others who were not present at the time.

Now, before you form the opinion that I am in someway judging someone else, I’ll be the first to admit, I am probably worse with this than anyone who may be reading this today. This is most evident when I am in the presence of a friend who doesn’t share my faith or trust in Jesus.

I allow myself to look at this time as a vacation from Christianity. Some of these friends will be surprised by the words they hear me say or the thoughts and ideas that I share with them. Others know me enough that this no longer catches them off guard.

Instead of allowing my behavior to create an effect on the environment I am in, I let my surroundings change the way I behave. I try to justify the fact that no one from my small group at church is present. There isn’t anybody who reads what I write involved in the conversation. The only problem is that no matter where I may go throughout the course of a day, God is always right there with me.

Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity that I have to grow closer to you today. Increase my awareness of your presence in every area of my life. Give me both the thoughts and words that will demonstrate my love, faith, and trust in you, especially when I am with others who may not understand. I love you and ask for this in the name of your son Jesus, amen.

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