Are You Willing to Seek?

During the time that I have spent studying through the Psalms, there has been a word that has caught my attention more than once. I don’t mean one of those words that cause you to simply skip back to the beginning of a verse and read again. I am referring to one of the words that are intended to cause us to finish the passage, seek God by saying a prayer, and then write Jesus a letter.

Psalm 53:2    God looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God.

To show just how significant the word is, I am going to share an experience I went through as recent as the other day. To be honest, I probably go through the same situation a few times every week.

On an average day, my wife and daughter will get home around six in the afternoon. It takes Veronica a while to get off work and drive across town to the daycare center where our daughter goes Monday through Fridays. Because I work out of my office from home, I look forward to the two of them coming in the door every afternoon. It’s not very often that someone smiles as big as my daughter when she sees me for the first time after being gone all day.

untitled-design-83For the most part, we have a routine that usually works out pretty good. After spending a few minutes making her presence known, I will make baby v a bottle, and the two of us will take off on a walk. She knows as soon as she gets home and sees me, her drink is only a matter of minutes away. There have been times if I take longer than the desired few minutes, baby v will point at the fridge to make sure I know she’s not necessarily as happy to see me as she is to see the man that pours her milk.

Earlier this week, my daughter was getting over a cold. On top of the crankiness from how she was feeling, the medicine wasn’t doing much to improve her mood. She was already upset as soon as they came in the door. There was no time for games or discussing each other’s day. She wanted her bottle right then.

Giving a Quick Glance

I thought she had been drinking it before they left that morning, so I glanced around the living room, the last place she would have been before leaving. While giving a quick look, I headed to the kitchen to see if it was on the counter top. With the bottle not in the kitchen, I turned my head a couple of times to give a quick glance as I made way for the bedroom. The longer she was forced to go without her drink, the louder and more annoying the noise started to be, coming out of my precious little girl.

After being satisfied with a quick glance around the living room, dining room, and kitchen as I walked through, I was confident in the fact the bottle wasn’t in any of the areas. My eyes started moving as soon as I walked into our bedroom. My first instinct was to check the usual places. The bed my wife and I sleep in, usually in the company of baby v. Her bed, and on the top of both of our dressers. I couldn’t find the bottle anywhere.

After quickly glancing through the house, I only had two options left. I could leave the house with my daughter without making her a bottle, never a good idea. Or, I could stop glancing and begin to seek the bottle. I am a word freak. Words have meanings, and in my mind, there is a huge difference between giving something a quick glance and the “seeking” that is referred to on several occasions throughout the Psalms.

The Difference of Seeking

According to Mr. Webster, to seek means, “to go in search of or quest of, to try to find or discover by searching or questioning, to try to obtain, to go to, and to ask for or request.” None of which, I would consider what I did as I walked through the house skimming each room for my daughter’s bottle.

untitled-design-82Similar to the afternoon I was unable to find the bottle, there have been several occasions when I have been in desperate search of God, and couldn’t find him anywhere. I would mumble a quick prayer, and nothing would happen. I would then plead out a little louder. Still, no answer. Before long, I would be on a walk, begging God to let me experience his presence, just to come home feeling lonelier than ever.

At this point, usually, one of two things will happen. I will either give up and try to make the best of the day on my own, typically ending with me crying and screaming out of frustration like a toddler who is waiting for a bottle. Or I go in my office, tune out the rest of the world around me, and get lost in God’s Word while I seek his presence around and inside of me.

When we refuse to give up no matter the circumstances, when we keep searching regardless of what we are feeling inside, this is when we are wise. This is what God is sitting above the clouds looking to see.

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