Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. 

Hosea 2:14

God’s word is packed full of love, power, and of course, action. I didn’t learn this sitting at a desk in a seminary class or from reading a book. I learned it by living life, a life that has been full of many highs and lows but has always revolved around a passion for writing about scripture.

When talking to others, one of the most common discussions I find myself in is the confusion and difficulty of applying something to the way we live that was written so many centuries ago.”Times are much different today than they were back then,” is probably the most common excuse I hear for a lack of effort.

I want to be make sure I am clear about something. The Bible was perfectly written by authors who were inspired and led by the Holy Spirit. The thought that something should have been written differently has never been a thought in my mind.


Meditations for Applying Scripture to Daily Living

However, by reading the words of other writers and authors who have shared their personal experiences and thoughts on Scripture, it has been much easier for me to apply God’s Word into my daily life. It has become a significant role in the development of both my knowledge and understanding of the Bible, as well as raising the level of intimacy in my prayer life.

My goal is to use my talents as a writer in a way that plays a part of someone else creating and developing a personal relationship with Jesus and becoming more aware of the presence of His Spirit working in and through them. This is not a simple hobby of mine or something that I take lightly. It is a calling and part of my purpose in life. It is part of who I was created to be.

untitled-design-64Each of us experiences our own seasons when we feel lost and alone in the depths of the wilderness. There are times when God has to lead us here in order for us to hear exactly what it is He’s trying to say.

Once we have spent enough time wandering through the forest by ourselves desperately looking for what it is we are longing to find, we open up to the fact that God speaks to us through the words of others.

Sometimes we just need to spend enough time being lost before He sends the right person to lead us towards the light.