Applying the Readings of the Church Towards a Relationship With Jesus

As Christians, knowing God is something all of us long for. This doesn’t happen by attending church, listening to worship songs, and giving to others. This happens through developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to give the wrong idea. As the body of Christ, attending church on a regular basis has to be a significant part of our weekly schedule. We need to spend time worshiping God, not only through the music we listen to but with every area of our lives. Serving God’s people will always be a necessity for growing closer to Him. However, while all of the things I've mentioned are healthy for a Christian lifestyle, they are by no means a substitute for a relationship with Jesus.

jkdjfhlkakjhgfklshIt isn’t my goal to single anyone out, but many Catholics seem to have difficulty understanding just what a relationship with Jesus is. I would never be foolish enough to say this is the case for every Catholic. This has simply been my experience with both people I meet through my local parish and the audience of several Catholic websites I write for.

I love the Catholic Church and everything that comes with it. The Sacraments and traditions have been part of what’s led me closer to Jesus than I ever thought I'd be. As someone who left the Church for many seasons of my life and has recently returned, it’s easy for me to see how education and knowledge have the ability to replace intimacy with God.

As both a Christian and a writer, my passion is for helping others develop a relationship with Jesus personal to them. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is just like any other relationship you are a part of. Time needs to be spent with the other person. You need to get to know them instead of simply learning about who they are. There has to be a means of communication, especially in times of need.

This is no different when it comes to developing a relationship with Jesus. Yes, receiving communion at Mass every Sunday is essential. Let me ask just one question though. If you were to meet a person once a week for 45 minutes to share a quick meal, how many weeks would need to pass before you would consider the meeting part of an intimate relationship? Get where I’m going?

hbagjgfyeajI want to use my website to help guide and inspire you on your journey. For the most part, this entails me writing about how Scripture can be applied towards daily life. The best way to grow closer to someone is by getting to know them. When Jesus is the person we are trying to live our life with, it means spending time falling in love with Him through His Word. This includes plenty of time in prayer. We’ll also learn what it looks like to both listen to God’s voice and opening the eyes of our heart to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

 My blog isn’t a place to visit to check out the latest trends of the Catholic Church. I won’t be spending time discussing the events taking place in the world or what the media thinks about them. My only purpose is to introduce you to Jesus in a way you’ve never met him before. As I mentioned earlier, I love the Catholic Church. You will not find anything on my blog that goes against what the Church teaches. My goal is to help you experience living your life in relationship with Jesus instead of simply knowing about Him.


For Christ did not send me to baptize but to proclaim

the gospel, and not with eloquent wisdom, so that

the cross of Christ might not be emptied 

of its power. 

1 Corinthians 1:17